Celebrating the Launch of the Minefield Girl on Spotify: Taking Storytelling to the Next Level With Video Art

Last night in New York we celebrated an exciting new chapter for Blackdove, quite literally. We were incredibly proud to witness Sofia Ek reveal her new, immersive audiobook ‘The Minefield Girl’ to a packed room of media and VIP guests.


The reason? Sofia kindly entrusted Blackdove with the responsibility of commissioning 18 incredibly talented contemporary artists (spanning four continents) to interpret each chapter in their unique style and create original moving image artworks that play continuously while you listen. The result is an elevated listening experience that blurs the lines between literature, art, storytelling, and moving image.


The Minefield Girl is part of the first wave of audiobooks to take advantage of Spotify’s new multimedia format ‘Spotlight’ which allows creators to add new visual elements to podcasts, audiobooks, news, and other content on the platform. In fact, you can listen (and watch) it right now!


The story is based on Sofia´s personal experiences as a young woman doing business in Libya, while Gaddafi was still running the country with an iron fist. Consumed by her desire to succeed and to be part of something bigger than herself, she finds herself deep into the corridors of power, unaware of the dangerous minefield she has walked into.


We are incredibly grateful to Sofia for this amazing opportunity to showcase our amazing video artists on the world stage. I would also like to officially thank our brilliant curator Molly Surno who did such a great job and brought so much passion and energy to the project, as well as all the artists who collaborated with us. There are too many to mention right here, but I have listed them all below and highly recommend you check them out!


The Minefield Girl is a perfect example of the type of innovative projects we were dreaming of when we started Blackdove. But this is just the start. We are continually surprised and delighted by how technology is opening up new avenues for creative, engaging experiences. We look forward to imagining the future with you soon.


Full list of featured artists


Alex Israel

Alfredo Salazar-Caro

Eva Papamargariti

Jay Davis

Andrea Wolf

Alina Tenser

Matt Yoka

Neon Saltwater

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

Jon Kessler

Brandon Barr

Jeremy Couillard

Bahareh Khoshooee

Ben Hagari

Jamie Scott

Refik Anadol

Phillip Stearns

Johanna Hauser

Jonah King

Bringing Blackdove to Art Basel

Breaking Design Boundaries at Holiday House London

A unique collaboration will see some of our favourite artists showcased at a month-long celebration of top-notch interior design. And it’s all for a great cause!


Blackdove started as an idea, a platform that would bring an array of intriguing artwork to life on our TV screens. Over the years, we have crossed paths with different companies, different faces, and different opportunities. Opportunities that have given us an amazing gateway to share and inspire this digital movement. Our involvement in Holiday House London is the result of one such encounter.


We were recently introduced to the British interior design community by the largest AV system integrator in the UK, ProAV. Given they have over 40 years experience designing award-winning audio visual systems and inspiring the imaginations of audiences worldwide, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them at the Holiday House exhibition!


Founded in 2008 by breast cancer survivor Iris Dankner, Holiday House was an idea inspired by her two passions: interior design, and fundraising for breast cancer research. The show house is opened up to top interior designers and lifestyle brands demonstrating their talents while raising funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Holiday House became the first designer show house of its kind in New York City to benefit a breast cancer organization.


2017 marks Holiday House’s first appearance in London, which is not only an ideal location for a Show House, but an amazing opportunity to showcase Blackdove’s talented artists to the UK interior design community. With its international style status and long history of gorgeous interior design, London was the natural choice. It is also the home of many highly respected companies that create beautiful home décor.


Our platform will be featured in a special show room designed by Susan White and her team from Iggi Interior Design. Together we have curated a unique video art reel for the event and.each individual piece was specially selected to reflect White’s eclectic tastes. In addition to ProAV, the visual stimulation of the show room would not have been possible without the HD quality Samsung TVs and Peerless AV wall mounts.


With the design lovers in mind, Blackdove hopes to bring a new twist to the design world by bringing the home to life with these radiant digital art collections.


It is an honor for us to be involved in this prestigious charity event. This will be new territory for Blackdove, but serves as incredible motivation. Our goal at this event is to inspire not just existing art fans but design lovers as well. While art creates a certain peace and balance to the mind, the home and environment plays an important role as well, with its visual appeal. Together, the design community will be working hard and donating their time and products to guarantee that the house looks extraordinary for all its guests.. Of course, we hope everyone will have plenty of fun in the process as well!


If you’re going to be in the area, please join us for this marvelous showcase – tickets are on sale here. Opening night will be November 8th (£100+VAT per ticket), and the House will be open to the public from November 9th through to December 10th (£20+VAT per ticket). Come join us for this wonderful event!

Blackdove Featured in 2017 CEDIA Best New Product Finalist

The CEDIA AWARD program recognizes product revolutions, technical excellence, and individual professionals who excel in the home technology industry. This is a prestigious award that recognizes the advancement of technology that enhances the home lifestyle experience.


Installations can be placed in multiple categories: Home Cinema, Integrated Home, and Media Room. Each installation is then judged by an industry expert and compete based on their region. CEDIA will congratulate its 2017 Best Product Award Finalists on Thursday, September 7, at 3:00 P.M., in San Diego.


Among the potential winners, Blackdove Video Art Platform will be featured. This digital art platform has the ability to enhance the beauty and quality of any home, commercial office, lobby, and any public space with the simple touch of a mobile device or tablet.  Within minutes, users can create a relaxing ambience choosing from a myriad of motion art pieces.

The Battle Between Artificial Intelligence and Artists

We live in a world where technology is slowly taking over. It has opened up doors to so many new and amazing opportunities, allowed us to connect and communicate with the world, made life simple with just a click of a button. As beneficial and necessary as technology is, are we misusing its advantages?

Scientists from Rutgers University Art and Artificial Intelligence used algorithms to determine what people find as “creative.”  Not only can these bots identify and recognize different artistic genres, but now they are able to reproduce and create appealing artwork for the human eye.

In Art Basel, 2016, there were 18 participants that viewed 50 images. In these collection of images? You guessed it… Half of the art were created by AI, and the other half were created by Abstract Expressionists. In this test, scientists discovered that the majority favored the artwork created by robots.

Just like AI’s original counterpart, the artist, it learns the fundamentals of what art is, taking in different genres and techniques, and molds that information and experience into a piece of artwork. In a way, isn’t that what artists do themselves? Based on their experience, what they like, what they feel, they make that idea come alive, become tangible, in a piece of artwork.

With the world of technology taking over, how should we really use it? More and more people are favoring the world of artificial intelligence. However, is this the true definition of art, having a third person dictate to a machine what art is? Or isn’t the purpose of art to have artists express their soul into a visual world and have others connect to it?

AI has an infinite amount of suggested genres it can offer the world, but the mind of an artist is also endless. These robots were given and trained to generate these artistic ideals for the human eye, whereas every artist shares a different perspective of the world and what art is. It is uncertain where this generation of new artists will go. Will AI prevail over artists? Or are artists still the true masterminds in creation? Only time will tell who will take the throne.