Bringing Blackdove to Art Basel

The Battle Between Artificial Intelligence and Artists

We live in a world where technology is slowly taking over. It has opened up doors to so many new and amazing opportunities, allowed us to connect and communicate with the world, made life simple with just a click of a button. As beneficial and necessary as technology is, are we misusing its advantages?

Scientists from Rutgers University Art and Artificial Intelligence used algorithms to determine what people find as “creative.”  Not only can these bots identify and recognize different artistic genres, but now they are able to reproduce and create appealing artwork for the human eye.

In Art Basel, 2016, there were 18 participants that viewed 50 images. In these collection of images? You guessed it… Half of the art were created by AI, and the other half were created by Abstract Expressionists. In this test, scientists discovered that the majority favored the artwork created by robots.

Just like AI’s original counterpart, the artist, it learns the fundamentals of what art is, taking in different genres and techniques, and molds that information and experience into a piece of artwork. In a way, isn’t that what artists do themselves? Based on their experience, what they like, what they feel, they make that idea come alive, become tangible, in a piece of artwork.

With the world of technology taking over, how should we really use it? More and more people are favoring the world of artificial intelligence. However, is this the true definition of art, having a third person dictate to a machine what art is? Or isn’t the purpose of art to have artists express their soul into a visual world and have others connect to it?

AI has an infinite amount of suggested genres it can offer the world, but the mind of an artist is also endless. These robots were given and trained to generate these artistic ideals for the human eye, whereas every artist shares a different perspective of the world and what art is. It is uncertain where this generation of new artists will go. Will AI prevail over artists? Or are artists still the true masterminds in creation? Only time will tell who will take the throne.